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KC La Pierre has been a horseman for almost 30 years. He became a professional farrier nearly 20 years ago after becoming dissatisfied with the work being performed on his own horses.

After 11 years as a traditional farrier, KC felt something was missing.   He began to think by increasing his forging skills he would be able to produce therapeutic and finely crafted hand made shoes to help in the rehabilitation of deformed hooves and lame horses.  He also started an apprenticeship as a traditional blacksmith in Cooperstown, New York.  

Two years later, armed with his improved skills, KC began applying hand made shoes of all types, only to come to the conclusion this was not the answer. So instead, KC decided to look more closely at the structure of the hoof and realised the answers were to be found on the inside.  

By arriving at this conclusion, KC was able to take equine podiatry to a new level, based on The suspension theory of hoof dynamics and the High Performance Trim Method, an article of which, written by KC, can be accessed by clicking here. Or further information can be found at

KCs reputation of do no harm ensures a true bond exists between man and horse