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You will need to allow at least 2 hours for your first visit; subsequent visits will be shorter as your horse progresses.

The horse's health, environment, nutrition and exercise will be discussed.

A ‘Spectrum of Usability’ form is used to score the structures of each foot on a scale 1-10. This will indicate how much work the feet can withstand in their current

state of health, as well as allowing for monitoring of progress. Photographs will be obtained at the first and second visit, with others taken intermittently thereafter.

Your DAEP will need access to a clean, hard and flat area on which to work as well as someone to hold your horse whilst the trim is performed and to trot the horse up before and after the trim.

When appropriate, a ´High Performance Trim` will be

applied to maintain or return proper structure to the hoof.

In the practice of Applied Equine Podiatry: ´do no harm` is paramount to its application.

In exceptional circumstances an DAEP may refuse to trim

a horse if he/she considers the situation to be dangerous.

Ensuring your horse is kept calm and away from unnecessary noise and interruption

 during treatment is essential